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The One With the Phone Number

July 14, 2017
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Oh my gosh, you guys! You NEED to know that this is one of OUR absolute favorite stories to tell! 

My husband and I literally LOVE to tell this story any chance we get! 

You know what, scratch that, our boys, my husband, and I LOVE to tell this story together, because this story did not happen without them. 😉

The Background Info

Okay! First things first, you need the full effect of how we lead up to the magical ending (but really the beginning) of our story. 

So, while I was in college, I was working at a school in the extended daycare. I had already been working at this specific school for a couple years and had positive relationships with all of the parents and students that were in extended daycare. Guys, not only did I work at extended daycare, but I also did some time in the cafeteria (in and out of the kitchen), yard duty, and even substitute teaching. Believe me, I knew my way around the school, knew the teachers, and the students. I was not an unfamiliar face. 

Well, a new school year started and a new crop of kindergartners were enrolled in our little extended daycare.  With any group of kids, there are those students that you easily make connections with and spend a majority of your time playing various activities with from four-square, gold fish, and so much more. Well, one special little six year old stole my heart. 

The Kid

This little six year old was the funnest kid and would not leave my side at daycare! I was his constant go-to teacher for any game, every day of the week. Little B and I grew a relationship for several months that were so fun and memorable for the both of us. 

Belle, also known as Mama Joes, and Indiana, also known as B. This picture was drawn when B was 7 years old, after his kindergarten year.

As the year went on, I continued to get to know more and more parents and students. During the entire school year, I honestly had no idea that little B’s parents were divorced. I’m going to be totally honest, when you work in extended daycare, it’s a little more difficult to pick up on separated households, especially compared to being a student’s teacher all day long. But as the end of the year started to approach, it became apparent to me that this particular “HOT DAD” that I saw on a regular basis was in fact… available. 

The Man

Now, I am not saying that I sought after this older man by any means, because I really had no idea how much older he was (12 years older, in fact).

I am saying, however, that there was an attractive man being an incredibly, loving father to his son EVERY time he came to pick him up. 

And then, that “hot dad” with the big heart was flirting with ME!

I’m telling you… my heart skipped a beat EVERY SINGLE TIME this man’s truck pulled into the extended daycare parking lot. 

But I tell you, there still was absolutely NOTHING going on between us. We would chat for a minute… and then he would leave taking my skipping heart with him. 

The Last Day of School

Well, the last day of the school year had arrived. 

I had worked the morning shift of extended care and had pool parties to lifeguard all day before working the afternoon extended care shift. I had arrived to the afternoon shift later than normal due my pool party commitments.

But would you believe it… that running across the blacktop towards me was that adorable little six year old? Running to leap into my arms to play with “Miss Ashley”!

The rest of the afternoon that kid was by my side. We played countless games together with all of his school buddies as well. 

As our afternoon was drawing to a close, little B was having some fun with his friends by himself. He was talking and talking about his birthday party that he was going to have. Then, once again, here came little B to come find me and ask the most precious of questions ever! 

“Miss Ashley, may I have your phone number? I want to invite you to my birthday party.”

STOP! Isn’t that the cutest thing ever? A little six year old inviting ME to his birthday party!

Of course, I did not expect to actually be invited to his birthday party or for him to even remember to invite me since his birthday was a couple weeks away. But, I gave him my phone number… and you know where he placed it? 


Again, STOP! How cute!

The Phone Number

So, little B was as happy as can be with Miss Ashley’s phone number in his lunch pail. He’s off playing and I’m taking care of business around extended care. Well, pretty soon it was 5 0’clock and I was getting ready to clock out for the school year… but guess who walks in? That’s right…


Again, there went my heart! What were the chances of little B being picked up by his dad at the same moment I was clocking out? 

As God would have it, I walked out to my car as little B and his dad were walking out to their truck. We had some good space in between us as they were walking a little ahead of me, when all of a sudden I heard, “Dad, guess what? I got a girl’s phone number!” 

I was SHOCKED! I kept thinking they’re just going to keep walking and get in the truck. Keep your cool, girl. But did they? Of course not!

From Mr. Hot Dad, I hear, “You did? Awesome, dude! Who’s is it?” (Oh my gosh, no! – I’m standing right here!)

“Miss Ashley’s!”, exclaimed Little B. 

Of course by then Hot Dad is laughing and I’m laughing shyly and simply say, “He wanted to invite me to his birthday party”. 

Hot Dad laughs and literally said these next few words, “Oh, so I don’t have to ask for it then?”

STOP! NO! Guys, I literally just laughed and said, “I guess not”. That’s it!

And would you believe it, that very evening I get a text from the hot dad saying, “Hey Ashley, this is B’s father, J. I wanted to make sure I was spelling your name right in my contacts.” 

The Beginning of Our Story

Well guys, I hope you enjoyed that preview into our love story not only to become husband and wife, but as mother and son as well. 

I told you, it’s our favorite story! B loves to brag that he is the reason that his parents got together. While we know this to be true, we also know that God had a hand on that little boy to bring the beginning parts of our relationship together that He would continue to mold over that first summer. 

More of our story is yet to come, so stay tuned!

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  1. This is one of my all time favorite stories. Knowing you during this time, and thinking back to where we were and how far we have some makes my heart smile. God did have a plan for you and your lives, and B and G Hot Dad are SO lucky to have you!

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