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Strawberry-Blueberry Popsicles

July 11, 2017
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Strawberry-Blueberry Popsicles are SO easy to make and enjoy with only 3 ingredients! 

That’s right! Three!

From the 4th of July, we had a bunch of strawberries and blueberries left over from other desserts.

I don’t know about you guys, but I always end up with a TON of desserts left over. I mean, I had left over applie pie, cheesecake bites, pretzel rods, and all the cheesecake toppings left over too!

Seriously, every year, every holiday, we always end up with food left over. For some reason, we always think that we won’t have enough, even though everyone brings something to the table. 

Do you guys have this same problem?

So, with tons of fruits and goodies left over, the boys and I were on a mission this past week to start clearing out the refrigerator.

We were also in DESPERATE need of some new popsicles to enjoy by the pool with this heat wave we are having in the Valley. 

The boys and I hadn’t made a simple fruit recipe in quite some time, so we created this fun, quick popsicle!

We took the left over strawberries that we had and blended them with some lemon juice until it was a puree.

You could even leave some strawberry chunks to give your popsicle extra texture with the blueberries if you wanted to!

Next, we decided to use our HUGE batch of leftover blueberries by throwing them into the strawberry mixture inside the molds. 

Since we had already put the strawberry mixture into the molds, we had to use the popsicle sticks to move the blueberries around inside the mold. You could avoid this step by alternating the strawberry mixture and the blueberries as you make the popsicles. 

We typically let our popsicles freeze over night, so you can image how anxious we were to try our new creation the next day! 

Well, the popsicles did not disappoint!

The boys were INSTANTLY in love with these popsicles! They have great texture and allow you to easily bite into the popsicle. 

The texture and taste of the popsicle reminded me of the Frozen Fruit Bars you see at the grocery store.

With only 3 ingredients, I’m sure you are going to want to make these treats again and again!

What do you like to do with your left over fruit? Do you have a go to recipe? 

Strawberry-Blueberry Popsicle
With only 3 ingredients, these popsicles will leave you wanting more!
Recipe type: Dessert
Serves: 6
  • 3 cups sliced strawberries
  • 3 tablespoons lemon juice
  • ½ cup blueberrie
  • Pop molds
  • Pop sticks
  1. Combine strawberries and lemon juice in a blender or food processor; blend until smooth.
  2. In molds, alternate layers of strawberry mixture and blueberries.
  3. Insert sticks into the molds.
  4. Freeze for 4 hours or until firm.
  5. To remove pops, place molds until warm running water until loosened.


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