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The One With the Name

June 20, 2017
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Ever wonder why it takes someone so long to finally ask you a personal question?

Maybe they are insecure of the answer?

Maybe the answer isn’t what they want it to be?

Well, let me tell you, I’ve had that happen to me.

One day a dear friend of mine finally broke down and asked the question that many of you have probably been wondering about yourselves… “Why do you go by Mama Joes?”

For a second, I literally thought she was joking… but then it occurred to me that I never really did explain that name to any of my family or friends. It was just one of those things that happened, you know? 

Well, the answer to that question is probably not the magical response that you are hoping for.

I mean, for “what’s in a name?”

Is it possible that the name “Mama Joes” means absolutely nothing? 

However, if it meant nothing, then I wouldn’t be calling myself by this name, now would I?

Well, the true story about the name “Mama Joes” is that our youngest son simply came up with the name one day. You see, our youngest son has a habit of mumbling and making up words just to be silly, even today at ten-years-old. About three years ago, he simply started calling me “Mama Joes” and has never stopped. The “Joes” continued to the rest of the family, even with a “Daddy Joes”. However, “Mama Joes” is the most common usage of the “Joes” in our home. Sometimes, I am simply “Joes”. 

The nickname of “Joes” is beyond a silly name, but refers to our family as a whole. Our family is very unique in how we came to be a family, but at the end of the day our love is beyond words that I cannot even describe. Every day I am thankful for this precious nickname that is all my own.


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